Dong A chemical JSC produces high-quality, quantity NaClO in Vietnam

10:41 | 11/03/2023

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Dong A Joint Stock Company produces Javen NaClO using the most modern ion exchange membrane electrolysis technology today. With modern energy-saving technology, achieving high efficiency after electrolysis will obtain 99% pure chlorine, and 32% NaOH.

The Javen product is created by aerating too much chlorine in a caustic soda-NaOH 32% solution. NaCl and NaClO are combined in the process that creates Javen water. Typically, Javen NaClO 7% and 9% aqueous solutions are used to deliver our goods to consumers.

We have a fleet of specialist chemical trucks that we deliver to customer warehouses around the nation together with contemporary technology lines and high-quality items. Javen may be stored in 24,000 liter ISO tanks, 1,000 liter IBC tanks, and 20,000 to 24,000 liter tank trucks.

We can always guarantee a steady supply and the lowest price on the market for NaClO since the plant manufactures it directly.


NaClO water has bleaching and antiseptic properties, so it is used in industry and life as follows:

- Used as absorbent and absorbent

- Agrochemicals (excluding pesticides)

- Javen is used as a bleach

- Used as corrosion inhibitors and anti-rust agents

Functional fluid (closed system):

- Javen is used as an intermediate for the production of other chemicals

- Used as flavoring agent, plasticizer

- Antioxidant/reducing agent

- Javen is used to support processing, in oil and gas production,

- Used as a solvent (for cleaning or degreasing)

Consumers using Javel:

- Agricultural products

- Footwear and shoe care products

- Care products and interior decoration

- Food packaging

- Laundry and washing dishes

- Metal products

- Products made from paper

- Plastic and rubber products

- Water treatment products

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