Where can I find PAC liquid for water treatment in Vietnam?

11:54 | 24/04/2023

A flocculating agent is a sedimentation aid. coagulant, PAC The paper industry, pharmaceutical chemistry, industrial wastewater treatment, and aquaculture all employ PAC to cleanse water.

Information in general concerning PAC deposition tools:

  • Al 2(OH) nCl 6-nx is the formula for PAC, also known as POLY ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE.
  • Sedimentation aid, coagulant, and flocculant under the trade name PAC
  • Presentation: Commercially, PAC is offered as a 10%–35% liquid PAC solution in 1000-liter IBC bottles or 20–200-liter cans.
  • Alternatively, PAC yellow powder is packaged in 20 kilogram or 25 kg sacks.

Using PAC to coagulate organic and mineral colloids before deposition is a common practice in the water treatment business. Hence, PAC are applied in:

  • Treatment of wastewater containing suspended residues, including wastewater from industries like ceramic, brick, paper, dyeing, and seafood processing as well as from industries like metallurgy, tanning, and cow slaughter.
  • Filter drinking water and domestic water before using it to make domestic water in rivers, lakes, and canals.
  • Surface water treatment is ideal for home water supply plants, swimming pools, and water stations.
  • Treatment of industrial and civic water supply...
  • The aquariums for breeding aquatic creatures and purifying pond water.

pac đông á

The following is the PAC's operating principle: Aluminum ions encourage the synthesis of these compounds together and create a floc by destabilizing suspended materials, organic debris, and heavy metals. These flocs are extremely stable precipitates that quickly settle and may be filtered.

Production of PAC sedimentation aids: At high temperature, aluminum hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid are combined to create liquid PAC. After that, add calcium carbonate to the final product to improve its basicity. To separate the liquid polyaluminum chloride from the solid product (gypsum), the mixture is then mixed using a centrifuge. When hot HCl gas reacts with aluminum powder to create powdered PAC, powdered polyaluminium chloride is created.

Đông Á Company specializes in producing and marketing PAC around the country.

One of the few companies in Vietnam producing and providing PAC is Đông Á Joint Stock Company, also known as Dong A Chemical. We have an advantage in creating PAC using a 10,000 m2 facility and cutting-edge ion-exchange membrane electrolysis technology since we have a source of HCL acid after making caustic soda from chlorine.

Đông Á firm is proud of its PAC manufacture in Vietnam. PAC products will benefit companies and the environment because of their exceptional benefits in terms of cleaning power, cost savings, and ease of use.

We offer affordable, countrywide distribution of liquid PAC in bulk to units in need.

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