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04:48 | 03/04/2023

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Water treatment, papermaking, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors use poly aluminum chloride (PAC), an inorganic polymer that is water soluble. Aluminum hydroxide and hydrochloric acid combine to create PAC, which is a very effective, flocculant substance.

The manufacture of PACs in Vietnam and its essential components will be examined in this article. The manufacture of PACs in Vietnam and its essential components will be examined in this article. With several businesses involved in production, Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia's top PAC manufacturers. Vietnam is a geographical location that has a long-standing chemical industry, a lot of trained labor, sophisticated production facilities, a lot of raw materials, cheap production prices, and good economic policies. suited for PAC manufacturing.

The process of making PACs entails multiple processes, including the creation of aluminum hydroxide, the creation of PAC solutions, purification, and packaging. Each stage in the manufacturing of PACs in Vietnam is described in detail below.

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Aluminum hydroxide manufacturing:

Aluminum hydroxide is created as the initial stage in the manufacturing of PAC. The interaction between aluminum oxide and water produces aluminum hydroxide. Bauxite is a rich source of aluminum oxide and is generally used to produce aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is created when bauxite is added to the refining process.

In the reaction vessel, the aluminum oxide and water are combined after which the reaction is carried out under regulated temperature and pressure. Aluminum hydroxide, a powdery white crystal product of the reaction, is the end result. Following this procedure, the aluminum hydroxide is further processed to increase its purity and eliminate impurities.

Get a PAC solution ready:

Making the PAC solution is the following phase in the process of making PACs. Using aluminum hydroxide and hydrochloric acid as a base, the PAC solution was created. Aluminum hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are combined in a reaction vessel, where the reaction is carried out. PAC, a highly reactive and agglomerated substance, is produced as a result of the reaction.

Producing PAC

To assure the creation of high-quality PACs, the reaction conditions—including temperature, pressure, and the ratio of aluminum hydroxide to hydrochloric acid—are closely monitored. In order to increase quality and eliminate contaminants, the PAC solution is subsequently subjected to further processing.

Use PAC filters:

Purification comes after the synthesis of PACs. In order to improve the quality of a PAC solution, this procedure entails cleaning it of contaminants. includes numerous processes, including filtration, precipitation, and centrifugation.

The process of purifying starts with centrifugation. To separate the solid PAC from the liquid, the PAC solution was rapidly centrifuged. To get rid of any remaining contaminants, the solid PAC is subsequently filtered.

The ultimate phase of this process is precipitation. A appropriate chemical, such as sodium chloride or sodium hydroxide, is added to produce pure PAC as a precipitate. After drying, the precipitated PAC is packed.

Stage of packaging:

The packaging process is the last stage in the manufacture of PACs. According to their intended application, powdered PACs are either packed in bags or cartons. The packing material is selected to shield the PAC from moisture and light while also guaranteeing its stability for long-term usage and readiness for shipment to the client.










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