The quality of food safety standards in Vietnam were declared by PAC 30% Dong A

04:12 | 03/04/2023

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Dong A joint stock company successfully manufactured PAC 30% coagulant of Dongguan Al2O3 powder. A business is extensively utilized in the fields of home water treatment, industrial water treatment, and water for food processing.

In accordance with Decree 15/2018/ND-CP, which outlines the implementation of several articles of the Law on Food Safety, self-declaration of product information on local portals has taken the place of "Confirmation of Conformity of Declaration" in the past for units producing pre-packaged processed food substances, food additives, supporting substances for food processors, food containers, and packaging materials in direct contact with food.

The Dong A Joint Stock Corporation produces PACs, which are tools for preparing food. The original aluminum alum has been replaced by PAC powder 30%, an active component with a high molecular weight. Reducing turbidity and the amount of heavy metals in the water by causing flocs to form and settle suspended materials and metals.

sgs test

Dong PAC Using safety standards set out by the Ministry of Health, a corporation is examined at the laboratory of SGS Vietnam Co., Ltd. in line with ISO 17025. It has been reported that the quality of the PAC products powder 30% powder of Dong A brand, produced at the plant of Dong A Joint Stock Company, located in Phong Chau town, Phu Ninh district, Phu Tho province, fulfills food safety criteria.

Using a cutting-edge manufacturing technology and a supply of 35% HCL acid from a sophisticated membrane electrolysis unit. Dong Heavy metal concentrations in water are extremely low in a company's PAC products (detailed SGS test). East Asia accounts for 30% of the PAC and uses water sources that must meet strict criteria in order to safeguard the users' health when producing and processing food.

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