Dong A Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC): a food processing aid

04:27 | 03/04/2023

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In addition to these names, PAC is sometimes referred to as flocculant PAC, poly aluminum chloride, high molecular aluminum alum, and sedimentation aid.

There are now 2 units of chemical corporations manufacturing liquid and powdered PAC in addition to Dong A Chemical. Because of its capacity to produce charged flocs, PAC is frequently utilized in the process of assisting in the settlement of suspended materials, such as heavy metals in solution. The first stage of home water purification as well as the manufacture and processing of food both require PAC because of this impact. Let's investigate the rules of processing aids based on the 2010 Food Safety Law in more depth.

1. PAC Poly Aluminum Chloride, a food processing additive

Law on Food Safety 55/2010/QH12, issued June 17, 2010, Article 2, Clause 3, Interpretation of Provisions, states:

A chemical that may be removed from or left in food is referred to as a food processing aid if it is utilized to process food components or food ingredients for a technical purpose.

As a result, PAC can treat the input water used in both food production and processing thanks to its flocculation action. PAC also takes part in the process, filtering and settling the materials in the processing solution, with each particular manufacturing business.

2. The following are some additional provisions of the food safety law relating to processing aids, including PACs: *Regarding the shelf life of processing aids

Article 5: Acts that are prohibited

3. Using food additives and food processing aids that have passed their expiration dates, are not listed as permitted uses, are listed as permitted uses but are being used in excess of the permitted amount, are chemicals of unknown origin, or are otherwise prohibited from being used in the production and trade of food.