Dong A PAC sedimentation aid effectiveness test utilizing river water

09:13 | 06/04/2023

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The usage of PACs (flocculating agents) in business is rising. In treating home and industrial water sources, in particular.

The technical team of Dong A Joint Stock Company, which has extensive expertise in the basic chemical production sector, has effectively used modern technology to make local powdered PAC products.

Dong A Chemical's powdered PAC product is the first item produced in Vietnam with an Al2O3 content of at least 30%. Customers that employ PACs for water purification will profit financially from this and find various applications.

- In comparison to similar items, the pricing of PAC powder 30% East Asia is reasonable.

oac đông á

sample 1: water sample without using pac (24 NTU)
Sample 2: Water sample using pac produced by Dong A (0,39 NTU)
Sample 3: water sample using other domestically produced pac (9,26 NTU)

Sample 4: water sample using imported pac (0,47 NTU)

Technology for indirect centrifugal spray drying aids in the production of pure PAC powder with a water insoluble concentration of less than 0.5%

The greater concentration of PAC, which accounts for around 2% of domestically generated PAC, caused a drop in the amount of PAC consumed.

- Goods made in the nation, whose manufacturing guarantees stringent standards for the purification of home and industrial water sources.

This is a video that demonstrates an experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of East Asia PAC with comparable goods imported from India, other domestic PACs, and water samples for natural settling without using PACs.

PAC 30% produced in Dong A company gives better performance with the same product (lowest turbidity index) with the same amount used on the sample of Lo river surface water.

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