Dong A Chemical is a manufacturer and supplier PAC powder 30% in Vietnam

03:31 | 09/05/2023

PAC settlers are polymers that are often utilized in the water treatment industry in industrialized nations.

To satisfy the market's rising need for chemicals, Dong A chemical business invested in setting up and operating a production line for powdered PAC, and it was successful in producing goods with an Al2O3 composition of around 30%. Dong Production of powdered PAC expands the company's product line and represents a new phase in its growth.

High automation and contemporary equipment are used in the line's high-speed centrifugal spray drying process. The Dong A Company's PAC powder provides the following benefits:

  • No lumps; fine powder; color: yellowish white
  • Al2O3 content is + 30%
  • Added 40% Alkalinity
  • NSF criteria are met.

Making use of PAC goods

1. Groundwater, reservoir water, and river water that will be used for household purposes.

2. Treatment of sewage in cities.

3. Recovering valuable materials from waste slag and industrial wastewater, accelerating the deposition of coal powder in wastewater from coal washing, and recovering starch from starch manufacture.

4. Different industrial wastewater treatment methods include fluorinated wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, oil wastewater, cleaning wastewater, coal wastewater, mining wastewater, water production waste, metallurgical wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, and leather wastewater.

Benefits of PAC's water treatment method:

1. The floc forms quickly, settles quickly, and has a higher processing capacity than conventional products like aluminum alum.

2. The rise in salts in the treated water is minimal, which is advantageous for the manufacture of high-purity water and ion exchange treatment.

3. Using powdered PAC 30% to treat water results in higher water quality than using aluminum alum and comparable products.

4. They can withstand temperatures of the wastewater that are greater than inorganic flocculants, such alum.

5. Compared to different inorganic coagulants, water alkalinity is more stable.

6. Apply to water with a PH of 5.0 to 9.0.

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