LIQUID NaOH 32% - 50%

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Caustic soda - NaOH was produced at a concentration of 45% following the electrolysis of the ion exchange membrane, guaranteeing compliance with TCVN and TCCS technical criteria.
In the customer's warehouse or at the Dong A facility, the Dong A Chemical Company supplies 45% caustic soda. Caustic soda, which contains 45% NaOH, is packaged in ISO tanks, IBCs, or is delivered by tank truck.

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Specifications Soda - NaOH 45%:
- Appearance: caustic soda is a transparent liquid.
- Density of caustic soda at 250C: (1,330 1.350)g/ml
- Content of NaOH 45% (± 1%)
- NaCl content < 59.0 ppm
- Fe2O3 content < 3.0 ppm
- Na2CO3 content < 490 ppm

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