ACID HCL 32% - 35%

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The products of the reaction between the hydrogen and chlorine acquired during electrolysis are HCL. Dong A Company currently produces 35% HCL acid to suit more customer demands utilizing local HCL acid thanks to continuous improvements in the incinerator's effectiveness.

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HCL- Acid clohidric produced by DongA chemical 32% - 35%

Appearance Clear, yellowish solution
HCl content % 32 ± 1 35 ± 1 TCVN 1556:1997
Free chlorine content ppm 20 ≤ 30 TCVN 1556:1997
Iron content ppm 2 2 TCVN 1556:1997
Density (at 20oC) g/ml 1.15 1.16 TCVN 3731-82

(1) General precautions
・The shipping containers must be tightly sealed so that hydrochloric acid does not leak, and must be handled with great care so as not to break them.
・Transport hydrochloric acid with great care, and be sure to wear protective goggles and rubber gloves, and wear rubber boots or rubber clothing as required.
・In the case of consolidated transport, keep alkalis and metals away from hydrochloric acid, and do not place the containers on top of other containers containing organic chemicals.
(2) Transportation of hydrochloric acid in acid-resistant bottles
・When acid-resistant bottles containing hydrochloric acid are to be transported, check them thoroughly beforehand for damage and condition of the seals of the bottles.
・When the acid-resistant bottles are to be moved, use a cart regardless of the presence or absence of any contents. Do not use chain, hoists, pulleys, or makeshift lifts. Do not carry the bottles by holding them by their caps or necks.
(3) Transportation of hydrochloric acid by tank truck
・The laws require that each tank truck should be provided with a document describing the name, components and grade of the contents, the first aid measures to be taken in case of an accident, protective equipment, tools and so on. In the case of long periods of transportation, a standby driver is required to ride in the truck.
・The driver must be certain to close the manholes or valves so that the liquid does not leak.
(4) Transportation of hydrochloric acid by ship
・When acid-resistant bottles or steel drums containing hydrochloric acid are to be transported by ship, refer to the “Ship Safety Law.”
Precautions for Storage 
・Place containers containing hydrochloric acid outdoors. If they are placed indoors, it is desirable that acid-resistant paints and acid-resistant mortar be used, and the floor should be coated with asphalt, acid-resistant blocks, or sodium-silicate-treated concrete, because the buildings will be corroded by hydrochloric acid mist, It is necessary for the storage place to be equipped with a drainage, and any spilt hydrochloric acid should be flushed away using a large quantity of water. For this, a water supply that can provide a large quantity of water should be located near the drain. It is not recommended to store hydrochloric acid in any basement area.
・To prevent health hazards caused by hydrochloric acid mist, and to avoid the danger that the room will be filled with hydrogen generated by the corrosion of metals, the building should be of an open structure and well ventilated.
・Use electrical facilities that are as airtight and corrosion resistant as possible. For the wiring, use plastic-coated wire, or use airtight metal conduits protected by acid-resistant paint or plastic conduits.
・Store hydrochloric acid apart from oxidants (in particular, nitric acid or chlorates) and combustibles, as well as cyanides or sulfides.
・Avoid direct sunlight and close proximity to a heat source. In addition, avoid passageways and places where there is a risk of something falling.
・The containers must be mechanically strong and corrosion resistant, and should not allow the contents to leak out.
・The containers must be tightly sealed, and an appropriate head space (5% by volume or greater) must be left when the container is filled with hydrochloric acid.
・When hydrochloric acid is stored in a tank, always check the quantity of the remaining hydrochloric acid to prevent any danger of its overflowing. Install a ventilation hole in the tank and connect the hole to a hazard prevention facility

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