Where to buy hydrochloric acid in Vietnam?

Your business wants to purchase HCL - hydrochloric acid 30%, 32% in bulk; do you want to speak with the manufacturer directly to assure quality and a reliable source?

There are several companies offering basic chemical items like HCL acid, Caustic soda, H2SO4 acid,NaClO, etc. at the moment. You may perform a search online or go directly to a chemical market like Kim Bien market. Yet, the majority of them are importers of chemicals or trading companies.

Yet, if your business has a high requirement for HCL acid for manufacture. You should get in touch with trustworthy chemical producers who have a reliable supply of chemicals to meet your business's demands. And undoubtedly as a result, you won't experience the seasonal lack of supplies that is typical in the chemical industry. We would like to introduce a reliable local HCL acid suppliers and producers in this post.

HCL acid: characteristics and method of manufacture

First, let's learn about HCL acid. HCl or hydrochloric acid, due to its complete dissociation in water, hydrochloric acid is classified as a strong acid. Hydrochloric acid is produced industrially mainly through the electrolysis method of caustic soda - chlorine. After electrolysis, CL2 and H2 were obtained.

Illustrating the production process of HCL in industry

- After the process of electrolysis, H2 and Cl2 are obtained, leading these two gases into the T1 tower, where the reaction occurs

in the combustion chamber with a temperature above 2000 C and the presence of a flame,

H2 + Cl2 → 2 HCl

- HCl gas is led through the T2 . absorption tower

- Unabsorbed HCl gas in tower T2 is led through absorption tower T3.

- The HCl solution obtained in tower T3 will be returned to tower T2 to thicken

- Some of the gas that has not been absorbed will be discharged

HCL is produced in concentrations up to 38% HCl. Concentrations higher than about 40% can be chemically produced but then the high rate of evaporation leads to a level where storage and use require special precautions, such as in pressurized and low temperature. Hydrochloric acid in industry is often used 30% to 34%, in order to optimize transport and reduce the loss of HCl gas in the form of evaporation.


Hydrochloric acid production units

Because it is mainly produced through the electrolysis of NaCl, there are only a few manufacturers on the market today. Previously, enterprises used the method of electrolysis of asbestos diaphragms, but due to outdated and toxic technology, now businesses have upgraded to use ion exchange membrane electrolysis.

1. Dong A Joint Stock Company - Dong A Chemical

Address area 4, Phong Chau Center - Phu Ninh - Phu Tho

Website: dongachem.vn

Capacity is about 20,000 tons/year

2. Viet Tri Chemical Joint Stock Company
Address: Song Thao street, Tho Son, Viet Tri, Phu Tho
Website: http://viettrichem.com.vn
Capacity is about 55,000 tons/year

3. Southern Basic Chemical Joint Stock Company
Address: 22 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Website: www.sochem.com
Capacity is about 120,000 tons/year